Harper Simon – “Berkeley Girl”

If anyone has the right to sound like Simon & Garfunkel, it’s Paul’s son Harper. Not that he necessarily wants to or tries to. In fact, when Harper’s lovely, but mostly overlooked album came out in 2009, he spent a lot of time in interviews creatively dodging the dreaded “dad questions.”

It’s hard enough to make a good record, no matter what your background. But imagine being the son of an icon.

A few years ago, I interviewed Jakob Dylan. His publicist asked me ahead of time not to mention Bob. I took offense at that. First, I’m not the kind of journalist who’d lead with some dumb question like, “So, what does your dad think of the new album?” But then again, it’s an undeniable part of who he is, so if Bob came up in conversation – and he did – I wasn’t going to avoid it.

At least Paul and Bob didn’t give their sons their first names, like Frank did. Can you imagine being Frank Sinatra, Jr.? I know it’s an Italian thing for fathers to give firstborn sons their names, but didn’t the old man realize he was stacking the deck against his kid?

All that father – son stuff aside, you should really check out Harper’s album. This song is particularly beautiful (not to mention that the video stars Jena Malone):

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