Split Screen Romance

As my nomadic existence continues, I’ve moved out of the guest house I was renting and moved in with my girlfriend. To be more precise, I’ve moved into Side B of her duplex. So we are living together, but with a wall between us. It’s kind of like something out of an old Doris Day – Rock Hudson movie. Except of course, I like girls. Ba dum bum.

If my girlfriend – I guess I should keep her name out of this, in the interest of internet security and so forth, but we’ll call her Heather – if Heather hadn’t brought it up first, I wouldn’t say this, but – this is kind of a great arrangement. Especially since we haven’t lived together before. It’s like a warm-up for co-habitation. We each have our own place, with our own stuff (except post-fire, I don’t really have any stuff), but we can spend more time together. We eat together, take walks together, do other stuff that couples do together too, of course, but then we can always retreat to our own side of the duplex. It’s been interesting to hear my friends’ reactions. One said, “You’re like Woody and Mia in the 80s.” Another said, “Dude, you’ve figured out the key to relationship bliss.” And a married friend said, “I wish I was you.”

Maybe we’re onto something.

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