Instant December

Tired of the same ole Christmas songs about snowmen, sleigh bells and Santas? David Mead’s Instant December EP serves up five fresh and festive new tunes to add to the classic holiday songbook. With subjects ranging from annual office parties to Black Friday madness to romantic Manhattan memories, it’s a collection with a warm heart and a wicked sense of humor. All songs are co-written by David Mead & Bill DeMain. So if you’d like to help two hard-working songwriters get some presents for their families this year, please make a small contribution of $5 and download your Instant December EP
instantly at:

Instant December

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2 Responses to Instant December

  1. John Dunbar says:

    What an excellent last minute christmas surprise. Orphans is a new holiday classic.

    Love it. I’ll still be listening come summertime.

  2. John Dunbar says:

    PS- Rhyming Chardonnay and Crudites is genius

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