When an Eagle meets a Swan

Exciting news!! This past week, Molly sang background vocals on four songs for Don Henley’s upcoming solo album! Don heard Swan Dive on XM Sirius radio show The Loft (thanks Mike Marrone!), became a fan and sought out Molly for the sessions.

The record, which is being produced by ex-Heartbreaker Stan Lynch, is due for a summer release. Other guest vocalists include The Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow and Alison Krauss. Our hats off to Don Henley for having such good taste to choose Molly. We’re excited to have him as a fan!

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One Response to When an Eagle meets a Swan

  1. Yay Molly, Yay Don. Yes, he’s got good taste, and they’re both from Texas, so that oughta stir up a storm of sorts. Congratulations Molly & Bill for being on The Loft. Good news!

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