Soundtrack To Me And You – Out Today!

The 10th Swan Dive album, Soundtrack To Me And You, is out today in Korea. It will be released domestically on August 12th.

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3 Responses to Soundtrack To Me And You – Out Today!

  1. Gene Good says:

    Can’t wait to hear your new tunes. Looking so forward to Molly’s singing.


  2. Chris Condon says:

    Bill, I bought the MP3 album but haven’t seen the physical CD on any Korean import sites yet.

    Failing that, could you post the songwriting credits? I know you often write with partners and I find it interesting how it influences your sound.


  3. Christian von Schack says:

    Just realized you’d come out with a new one, which was a lovely surprise on a gray, rainy fall day. Lovely stuff as always!

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